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Author Bo Burlingham Says, We Can All Have “The Knack”

Author Bo Burlingham Says, We Can All Have “The Knack”

Bo Burlingham, author of Small Giants: Companies That Choose to Be Great Instead of Big, and our keynote presenter at the Summit, is the perfect fit for our audience of motivated business owners. For years, he’s been working with small business owners of all kinds to help them become successful. Recently, he teamed up with another Inc. columnist, Norm Brodsky, wrote a great book called Street Smarts: How Entrepreneurs Learn to Handle Whatever Comes Up.

Here’s a quote from Bo’s newest book. . .

“Indeed, I believe it’s such mental habits (habits that he describes in his book) that allow people to become successful entrepreneurs. I believe most people can develop the habits of mind I’m talking about and use them to acquire the wherewithal to live whatever kind of life they want. Not that every person will be successful to the same degree or in the same way. In business, as elsewhere, some individuals have God-given gifts that allow them to play the game better than others. We can’t all be Tiger Woods, or Picasso, or Shakespeare, but anybody can learn how to play golf, or paint, or write a sonnet, and we can all learn how to be financially self-sufficient as well.”

I totally agree with this concept and see over and over that it’s the business owners that look outside themselves to continually learn and create smart habits that are the people who flourish. We can all be there and the message at the Summit is how to do it!



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