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Geoff Graham

Owner, Geoffrey Graham Development

Geoff Graham is a partner in the development of I’On in Mount Pleasant, SC (1998 to present), a 244 acre, 762 homesite, mixed-use community; he is the founder of GuildQuality (launched in 2003, sold to Providence Equity in 2017), one of the strongest software brands serving the residential construction and home improvement industries; and he is the owner of Geoffrey Graham Development (2018 to present), the investment vehicle through which Geoff launches new businesses.

Geoff has founded and grown companies from zero to 100 employees. While under his leadership, GuildQuality was ranked among Atlanta’s best places to work for six consecutive years. In all of his ventures, he seeks capital efficient growth, the cultivation of a values driven culture, healthy organizational structure, craftsmanship, and the creation of enduring value. He is particularly interested in building places, organizations, and services that reflect and support his aspirations for a freer society, healthier relationships, meaningful experiences, and greater opportunity for individuals to flourish.

Geoff is presently developing a small mountain club in Western North Carolina (opening in 2021) and has recently co-founded an employee engagement platform (launching in the Summer of 2019). He serves as a formal and informal advisor to a number of Atlanta-area software companies, enjoys being outside as much as possible, and lives in Midtown Atlanta with his wife and two children.


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