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An Español Track at JLC Live! with Paola Enriquez – [The Tim Faller Show] S5 E3

On today’s episode of the Tim Faller Show, Tim and Steve have a special guest, Paola Enriquez, who talks about a new track at JLC Live. Starting in March 2024, Spanish-speaking workers and owners can access education in their native language at the En Espanol track. This will be presented in Spanish rather than interpreted. Paola explains how the idea of this track was realized and what to expect during the track.

Paola Enriquez is the conference education manager at JLC LIVE. She enjoys connecting with people and making a difference. Paola is an active member in her community and volunteers for numerous causes, lending her bilingual and leadership skills to GED En Espanol, Financial Peace University English and Spanish classes, and Apartment Life, to name a few. Paola has been part of the JLC LIVE team since June of 2022.

Paola, Tim, and Steve talk more about…

  • Topics for the En Espanol track
  • How to register for the event
  • And more…


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