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Glossary Addendum – when changes are made to your Additional Documents or CFDIF for your meeting, Remodelers Advantage will upload it to your Dashboard as an Addendum, which lets the group know that changes have been made or new information has been provided.   Additional Documents – information that is submitted outside of the CFDIF

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What Are PSCs Worth?

Similar to many ‘credit card’ and ‘airline mileage’ points programs, our PSC value is variable, not fixed.  You can expect an average value per credit to be approximately $500, with the full-range spanning from $300 to $730 per PSC. Why are credit values not fixed? Variable valuation both protects us and gives you more return.

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How do I Update My Credit Card?

Visit the MY ACCOUNT page and click on the Payment Method tab to update, add, or delete a credit card.  How to Navigate there You can find “My Account” in the upper right hand corner of the screen: After clicking “My Account” you will be taken to a page with several options. To change your

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How do I make sure that invoices are sent to my office manager?

Unfortunately, our customer management system will only send invoices/receipts to the Primary Account holder.  It’s a popular feature request that they have received, but to date have not made the feature available. However, there is an easy fix! You can have invoices sent automatically to your office manager by setting up a “forwarding rule” in your

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