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Change Frequency of PowerTips Emails

Powertips is our weekly business improvement newsletter. It includes podcasts and written articles. You can expect to receive two to three newsletters per week. If you wish to change the frequency to Weekly or Monthly, you may visit to select your email frequency.

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Change Frequency of Emails From Your Group

To change the frequency of emails sent by your group, open any group email, scroll down to the bottom and click “My Settings”. This will take you to Gaggle, which controls the group emails. Under the “Delivery” section, you can change your emails from “Immediately” to “Daily”. We do NOT recommend “Pause” as you will

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Production Manager Metric Spreadsheet Instructions

Download Excel Standard Version Download Expanded Staff Version Instructions for completing Production Manager Roundtables Metric Spreadsheet: All yellow highlighted cells are to be completed. If you only have 5 jobs, only complete 5 rows. Be sure you can see all columns Employee List tab uses A – H Data Tab uses A – AG Complete

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Commitments and MicroBoards Instructions

We have moved your Commitments and MicroBoards to GoogleDocs. You do not need a Google account to access the documents. You may access the documents via your member panel by clicking My Group and selecting either from the dropdown. *Note: Both documents are separate tabs on the same sheet. You can toggle from one to

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Networking Questions

Networking comes naturally for some. For others, it can be intimidating and uncomfortable. But much of that comes from not knowing what to say!  Here are some networking questions to not only break the ice, but get you some great insight that can help you improve your business. Download81 KB

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