Tim Faller

Senior Consultant, Remodelers Advantage

Location: Linthicum, MD
Industry Experience: 41 years
RAR Facilitator Since: 2012

Tim Faller

Build a process that works and stick to. Deviation is almost always failure.

Areas of Expertise

Process Improvement
Client Experience

Professional background

 I am the Senior Consultant and Master of Production with Remodelers Advantage in Linthicum, MD. Remodelers Advantage is a company dedicated to lighting the path to greater success for motivated remodeler professionals. 

Out of necessity, I started a small remodeling/repair business in Thomasville, GA. After working as a Lead Carpenter and then a Production Manager, I developed training for Lead Carpenters and became the Lead Carpenter Guy. 

As companies developed, I have focused on developing new production systems believing that standard components must be practiced regardless of the company’s size or the job’s size. 

From all this came two books, The Lead Carpenter Handbook and Dear Remodeler, a compilation of newsletter articles covering a wide range of topics.

I have spoken at numerous trade shows, including JLCLive, Remodeling Show, and The International Builders Show. 

My greatest skill is communicating complex concepts in simple terms and problem-solving, which I use to help companies debug their production process in my popular Tim Tour!

Personal Life

I love to saltwater fish and have lobster traps that I enjoy all summer. 

The winter usually finds me in front of a fire made from logs I cut and split. I have a sunroom that holds my plants through the winter, including a water feature that displays my orchids. The hibiscuses are about 8 ft tall!

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