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Tom Mitchell

Owner, Prime Property Consultants, Inc

Location: Medfield, Ma
Industry Experience: 42 Years
Roundtables Member: 20 years
RAR Facilitator Since: 2015

Tom Mitchell

In every small business the Owner is most likely the business' greatest asset… and possibly biggest liability. Know yourself, having the humility to understand your gifts and the courage to look at your weakness is critical in maximizing our impact on our employees and our business. The business owners i have met who are most able to get out of the way, consistently have the best results.

Areas of Expertise


Professional background

My dad was a home builder and Realtor. I used to enjoy going to his developments, driving the trucks and hanging out with carpenters. I Founded Mitchell Construction Group, Inc around 1987, while still working for another builder. 

I began by remodeling basements for some of my dads new home customers, building decks etc. Then I built a couple new homes and launched my own company full time in 1988. 

We began wanting to develop more of a business that our children could work in if they desired. So, with that thought in mind I joined RAR back in 2000 after fumbling around for 10 years on my own.

I learned enormously important lessons within RA about the financing, systems, leadership, and culture that would became our foundation. 

As of June 2022 Mitchell Construction Group, Inc has grow to 25 employees including architects, interior designers, builders, and accountants with over $10MM in revenue. 

Our business allowed us the ability to diversify and purchase commercial properties that have become a major part of our personal balance sheet holdings.

 In June 2022, my son Tommy who has worked with us for 13 years took over the business following a seven year plan for transition. The company has done very well under Tommy’s leadership and without my daily involvement and should reach over $12MM in sales this year. 

I am transitioning into a full-time consulting role with both construction companies as well as acting as an owner’s representative. We also plan on developing new homes and apartments as the opportunities arise.

I enjoy facilitating and learning from the many astute owners with RA program and I look forward each meeting, hoping to give back even a little of what was shared with me.

Personal Life

I met my wife Mary in church almost 39 years ago. We were married in 1984. We have 4 children and one grandchild, (and one grand child on the way) from age 21 to 37. 

My family is the most important part of my life along with my spiritual relationship. I love to fish and travel. I enjoy scuba diving and just about anything around the ocean.

I used to be an avid golfer until some personal issues pushed me to give up golf. I enjoy hiking and love animals and the outdoors.


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