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How to Find a ‘Reputable’ SEO Company for Remodelers

How to Find a ‘Reputable’ SEO Company for Remodelers

If you have a website or are doing any Pay Per Click advertising on Google, then you’ve probably received a sales call from an SEO company or two (or a 100 . . . they’re everywhere!) Unfortunately SEO companies have a bad reputation. They are very similar to contractors in that respect: because of the few “less-than-reputable” companies out there, the whole industry has a black-eye.

In truth, there are some very good SEO specialists, you just need to know how to find them.

Let’s break down the signs, qualities and components you should look for in a good SEO company as well as the services they are proposing.

What Should You Look For in a Quality Remodeler SEO Company?

1. They Put Content Marketing First

Really good SEO companies aren’t really SEO companies anymore. They are content marketing companies. Content is the foundation for improving your website’s ranking in search results. Content marketing is used in conjunction with SEO (or “optimizing”). You can’t “optimize” a page or blog post if you don’t have a page or blog post. In order to target keywords, you need content. Make sure that content is excellent and that the company you’re working with is putting a big emphasis on content as well as keywords.

2. They Understand the Remodeling Industry

If we think about the point made above (putting content first), it makes sense that this prospective marketing partner of yours should understand your industry. If they are going to be writing on your behalf and creating content, they need to understand you, your company, and your customers. They need to have knowledge of your customers burning pains, their top questions and their concerns.

3. They Focus on Lead Conversion

Usually, your SEO company (or prospective SEO company) wants to focus on keyword ranking, getting you to “number 1 on Google” and talking about increasing website traffic. Increasing website traffic is extremely important, but it’s all for nothing if your website doesn’t convert those website visitors into leads. Your SEO company should have a plan in place for converting traffic as well as getting more of it.

A good SEO company will talk to you about creating value added offers, calls to action (CTAs), and landing pages. If you aren’t hearing these things, they probably aren’t including a lead conversion aspect in their strategy.

4. They Put Strategy Before Tactics

Tactics are great because they are usually very actionable. However, a lot of remodelers (and SEO companies) can get hung up on these bright shiny objects.

“Ooo, a new social network Pinterest just launched. Let’s spend time “pinning” photos.”

“Wow! A new video platform came out yesterday. Let’s upload all our videos there.”

These are just a couple of common examples of “getting tactical”.

Don’t get me wrong here. Tactics are great if they funnel into a larger strategy. Pinterest may be a good idea for you, but only if it fits into your over-arching goals. Make sure your SEO company is helping you form a strategy that is designed to meet your goals. And “getting to #1 for a keyword” is not an over-arching goal. If we’re being honest, you probably have a sales goal and/or a profitability goal. Those should be used to back track to a marketing activity plan.

5. They “Eat Their Own Dog Food”

Need I say more? You want the company you hire to be practicing what they preach. If it isn’t working for them, why would it work for you?

6. They Stay Current on the Latest SEO Best Practices

SEO, Content Marketing, Online Marketing and Social Media. These are all changing so fast. Look for a company that has a process in place for staying up to date. This is an on-going effort, not a once per year “go to a big conference” sort of thing.

4 Things to Watch Out For

1. Rotating Keywords

If your SEO company tells you that they will be rotating keywords every month or every several months after they “see what’s working”…run! The best practice is to select the best keyword or keyword phrase for a page and stick to it. When you “rotate” keywords, it essentially re-sets the SEO equity you’ve built for that page and you’re restarting your efforts.

2. No Content Strategy in the Proposal

We talked about content earlier in this article, but it’s worth mentioning again. If your SEO company doesn’t mention content or a content strategy as a part of their SEO strategy, that is not a good sign. You need content to optimize.

3. Low Quality Content

Ask your SEO company for sample blog articles. Read them! The articles should sound intelligent. You’re the one that will have your name (or your company’s name) on the article, so it better be good stuff! If the content is shaky, you won’t have much to build on for your SEO strategy.

4. Shady Link Building Techniques

SEO companies that are all about link building can be a gamble. Ask them about the process they use for building links. If they mention directories, blog commenting and article submissions, that’s probably a bad sign. If they mention creating great content in order to attract links naturally, using social media to share that content and using local, relevant directories, you’re on the right path!


Search Engine Optimization is extremely important today, so it’s important you find a company you can partner with for the long term. This shouldn’t be a 3-6 month adventure for you. This is a long-term partnership, so do your due diligence, find a reputable company and then work with them to improve over time.

Remember, blogging should be a huge focus in the SEO company’s strategy to improve your website ranking and credibility. Ask good questions, do a little bit of research and you’ll certainly find a great company to work with on your SEO and Content Marketing Strategy.


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