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New Hiring System for Remodelers Reduces Time, Increases Success

New Hiring System for Remodelers Reduces Time, Increases Success

February 11, 2011—Laurel, Md—Remodelers Advantage Inc, announces the launch of a new service to help remodeling company owners hire more effectively, yet spend significantly less time doing so. Talent Management Plus ™, takes the guesswork out of the screening and hiring process by using the most advanced, candidate pre-screening solution in the marketplace.

“Hiring the right people is one of the most frustrating challenges our clients face,” says Victoria Downing, president of Remodelers Advantage. “Most people just wing it with no system or process. They hire with the heart instead of the head and this often leads to sub-par employees. In today’s competitive market, hiring superstar team members will give the company the competitive edge.”

The process begins when a trained facilitator from Remodelers Advantage helps develop a job benchmark with the client’s key management team. The benchmark details key accountabilities, desired results, required skills and more. Then Remodelers Advantage asks each job applicant to complete a job assessment which compares their personal talents to the needs of the job. The process may start with 300 applicants but after Remodelers Advantage testing and screening the remodeler will interview only the top handful of candidates.

“Typically, hiring a key employee takes a significant investment of money and time from the entire staff,” Downing comments. “Then, if you hire the wrong person for the job, you’ve lost that investment and it’s back to square one. Because our clients only interview those who match the benchmark, they save hours that they used to spend reviewing resumes, talking to prospective clients, and interviewing..”

In addition to the identification of top prospects, Remodelers Advantage also provides customized interview questions, and an 80+ page coaching report for all new hires. “This coaching report helps the supervisor understand how to help the individual succeed through management and motivational insights as well as skill improvement exercises and action plans,” Downing says. “It’s a valuable tool for on-boarding new employees as well as managing existing team members.”

Remodelers Advantage Inc. has been helping remodelers and renovators throughout North America increase profits and productivity through proven systems developed in their 30+ years of business.

For more information on Talent Management Plus ™, contact Victoria Downing at 301-490-5620 . Visit the web site at x105,



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