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How to Build Relationships with Your Customers

How to Build Relationships with Your Customers

customer-RelationshipsOne of the best things about today’s selling style is that you have a chance to get to know your prospects before you begin developing a proposal. The best time to learn is within the first few minutes of your sales call.

Before you start talking business, make an effort to get to know your clients a bit.  Let them know you’re interested in them by encouraging them to talk about themselves. Look around their home for hints to hobbies or interests that you can comment on. Ask them how long they’ve lived in the area, how they came to live there, what they think of the neighborhood, and where their children go to school.

By questioning clients about themselves and their families, you’re treating them as if they’re special. In addition, you’re learning about them, their families, and the way they live. During the conversation, you might find an area of interest that the two of you share.  This common ground can be the beginning of a new friendship. People would always rather do business with someone they like. By showing your prospects that you’re interested in them, they’ll be hard pressed not to like you.

Paying Attention to Details

As a remodeler, you are in a service industry. If you pay close attention to the details involved in good customer service, you will be looked upon as a top professional.

Be on time. Always be on time for appointments. It shows that you respect your clients and recognize that their time is as valuable as your own.

Dress appropriately. Think carefully about the way you dress on a sales call because your clothes say something about your professionalism and attention to detail. If you’re sloppy about the way you dress, clients will think you’re sloppy about other things as well.

Be organized. Organize before you get to the home so you’re ready to go when you arrive. Fumbling around searching for materials makes you look unprofessional.

Don’t block the driveway. If you park where you’re blocking the driveway, you may have to interrupt your sales call to move your truck if someone needs to get in or out. Besides, blocking a driveway is plain rude.

Stay off the grass. Don’t walk across the client’s lawn unless you’re invited to. People are funny about their lawns. While many people might not care, there’s no reason why you should risk offending someone by walking across their plants.

Don’t ignore children. Speak to any children that you see. Children are likely to be an influence within the family. Plus, parents appreciate the consideration and sensitivity that this demonstrates.

Act with confidence and courtesy. Shake hands and introduce yourself. Look clients in the eye and smile. Let them know that you appreciate the chance to talk about their project. Thank them for inviting you. Your posture is one of the most telling of all nonverbal messages, so stand up straight and proud.



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