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Logos and Usage Guidelines

Remodelers Advantage welcomes customers, media and other entities to use our corporate logo, as needed. The Remodelers Advantage logo(s) is a key component of our brand identity and so we ask that you carefully consider the following guidelines when using it.

Logo Usage Guidelines

When using the Remodelers Advantage logo(s), you agree to the following:

  1. You may use the logo(s) only in the exact form provided here by Remodelers Advantage.
  2. For internet usage you may only use the logo(s) to accurately and actively link from a website that is under your control to the home page of (or another address provided by Remodelers Advantage) and for no other purpose.
  3. You may not incorporate the logo(s) into any other logo or design.
  4. You may not use the logo(s) in a way that would falsely suggest that you or your company or products are affiliated with Remodelers Advantage.
  5. You may not display the logo(s) on any website that disparages Remodelers Advantage or its products or services, infringes any Remodelers Advantage intellectual property or other rights, or violates any law or regulation.
  6. No other logo or design element should appear within 0.5 inches of the Remodelers Advantage logo.
  7. Never alter the logo(s) in any way including through unapproved fonts, colors or visual identifiers.
  8. You may not iframe or alter the Remodelers Advantage website in any way.
  9. At Remodelers Advantage’s direction, you will immediately remove the logo(s).
  10. Your limited right to use the logo(s) does not constitute a grant of any other right or license. All other rights are reserved by Remodelers Advantage.
  11. Remodelers Advantage disclaims all warranties, express and implied, regarding the logo(s), including warranties against infringement. You agree to indemnify Remodelers Advantage from and against any and all claims and liabilities arising out of your use of the logo(s).


For your convenience, we created zip files of our logos for use in print (Pantone®,CMYK) and on the web (RGB), and we present the following format recommendations by image type:

  • AI: For print (Illustrator)
  • TIF: For web (Photoshop)
  • PNG: For web

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