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The Commitments

Paul Winans, Remodelers Advantage Business Coach, shares his thoughts on reflection and moving into the new year with the right mindset.

The New Year has come, once again, and with it a sense of renewal and rebirth.  Boy, if there was ever a year where that is needed, this is it!

We attended a solstice celebration before the turn of the year.  Part of the event was to write down one thing you wished to let go of from the past year and one thing you wished for in the New Year.  I pondered and made my notes.  Just stopping to reflect felt good.  All too often we rush from one activity to the next, never pausing to reflect about anything.  After all, results are what matters, right?

Actually, I think intent matters a lot.  In 2011 so many small business owners were intent on doing what was needed to simply survive.  Many made it, some did not.  Everyone who lived with the challenges learned something.  We sometimes forget to pay attention to what is given to us by circumstances.

Many of you have probably seen the movie “The Commitments”.  It is a wonderful story about a barely functional disparate group of Irish musicians who put together a soul band that is quite good.  In fact, the sound track is very good.  But the band cannot stay together, as it has no real leader, and a core sense of purpose to pull the band forward is lacking

It is popular to come up with resolutions for the New Year.  I suggest for this year that you keep any resolutions very simple.  And that you communicate to your people clearly and often what the ones you make for your company are.

Examples might include:

  • All phone calls to be returned with 24 hours.
  • Email will not be used in place of a phone call, particularly when a difficult issue needs to be addressed.
  • All deadlines made will be met.

The above all seem obvious, right?  In my experience many remodeling companies (and their owners) have a difficult time doing the obvious.  We often are guilty of the behaviors that drive us crazy when we seem them in other people.

So, stop and take a moment with your people to look back and to look forward.  Then commit to some simple ways of working together and with your clients.  By doing so you and your company can make rocking music (and money!) that will help you be successful in 2012!

If you’re unhappy with the results that you’re achieving with your remodeling business, let Paul Winans or one of the other experienced Remodelers Advantage Business Coaches help.  Our goal is to help you build a business that is strong, consistently profitable and that allows you to have a fulfilling life outside of work. Our clients have seen revenues grow, profits rise, and personal compensation significantly improve. You will see results like this too. Give us a call today at 301-490-5620.


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