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You Want Better Results? Top Performers are A Key!

You Want Better Results? Top Performers are A Key!

When you think of your company and how it’s doing today, you have a picture in your mind of what you want it to look like tomorrow. Whether that picture shows additional employees, a bigger building or more efficient systems, one thing is constant; it is something better than what exists today. Making that progression towards bigger and better things can be easier and happen faster if your employees are efficient and engaged with the vision. When you see a winning team, most, if not all members are A players.

While many people know what the NBA All-Stars are, many don’t know that there is something called an All-NBA team. There are no bench-warmers on the All-NBA teams. If you are unfamiliar, the All-NBA league is made up of three teams, each having five members. Two forwards, one center, and two guards that are the top players in the NBA. The theory is if these teams played they would win against any other combination of five players based on their individual talents. What does this mean in relation to your organization? The best way to progress to the top of the business food chain is with the highest performing employees available.

Top performers, or A players, have so much to offer that it’s a wonder how countless organizations settle for Bs or even Cs. Because of the ability for an A player to self manage and problem solve, top performers relieve you from having to micro-manage, allowing you to spend your time on activities that will drive business in the door.

Top performers are also more efficient at their job, requiring fewer resources for maximum output. This high level of efficiency allows funds to be freed up and spent elsewhere. The immediate benefits associated with high performing employees alone are enough reason to begin making the transition away from C players.

One way to ensure your organization is hiring top performers is to use pre-employment assessments as part of a job matching system to establish whether or not the potential employee is a good fit with the job. A good fit generally leads to high performance!

Employees who are already a part of the team will continue to grow with your organization and develop new skills which may progress them into matching a different job. As a result of this, it is important to create a line of succession and prepare your employees with a career path. Not only will they have a promotion to work towards, but they can also begin to cultivate their leadership skills. This starts to pave a secure path for the organization’s future, allowing all staff to feel confident about the progression planned by management. And if you ever hope to sell your business — or be able to work limited hours — get started on building this internal bench strength now!

When creating ways to progress a company, developing top performers might have been on the top of your list – and if it wasn’t, it should be now. What most likely has not come to mind is the happiness of employees. It is essential to keep your employees pleased with your business and each other. Having an employee relations committee that coordinates a once a month luncheon, event, or health and wellness initiative can help employees connect on another level other than business.

The more pleased your employees are with your company, the more that reflects on your brand, and the more positive publicity is generated.   Plus, happy and engaged A players attract other A players!

What’s not to like??

If you’d like to learn how pre-employment assessments, or our hiring service Candidate Matching, can help you find your A players, give us a call today at 301-490-5620 or visit our web site at This could be just what your company needs to drive you to a higher level of success!



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