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6 Things to Keep in Mind When Building Your Slippage Planning Team

We are off to a great start with Slippage Awareness Month… We’ve heard from Tim Faller with his blog post last week and we are looking forward to his Live Webinar, “From Slippage to Grippage: How to Raise Profits Without Raising Prices” on Thursday, June 15th at 11:00am EST. This week we take a look
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Remodelers Advantage Marketing Director Embraces New Responsibilities as Vice President

Linthicum, MD – April 18, 2017 – Mark Harari, formerly the Marketing Director of Remodelers Advantage Inc., has been promoted to Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer for the national consulting firm. Since joining the company in 2012, Harari has been the driving force behind the strategic branding, digital marketing, and event marketing at Remodelers
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The Team Approach to Preventing Slippage

Loss of revenue is a critical issue for any business, but in my experience, the biggest problem with slippage is the effect it has on morale within the company. Of course, it hits the owner of a remodeling business hard because it is money out of his/her pocket, but it effects the entire team because
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5 Simple Techniques for Mastering Time Management

When it comes to these buzzwords of “time management” and “productivity”, you may think they’re just myths that make for good blog posts. In fact, most people assume that it’s not only hard to effectively manage their time, but also adds another step into their already busy day. Isn’t the idea to reduce – not
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7 Reasons Why Your Website Should be Responsive

In May 2016 Mark Harari wrote about “5 Critical Elements to Having an Awesome Remodeling Website..” and in that post he emphasized the importance of your company’s website being “responsive” to mobile users. A year later we look further into why it’s critical to your business and if you haven’t addressed this, why you should
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BACKLOG: How to handle this wonderful curse

A few days ago, a client called with a problem.  He’s trying to balance how much he can sell (wanting to sell as much as possible) with the amount his production team can produce. His primary question was, “When do I tell the prospect about my six-month backlog and still gain them as a client?”
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