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Can You Trust Your Financial Reports? Here Are Two Tools To Help

In the first two days of August I had on-line meetings with four clients all in a panic because gross profit margin for the first six months of the year varied widely – from -55% to +104%. And they should be panicked – how can you trust your numbers with that kind of variance? You
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Don’t Fall Prey to this Remodeling Sales Mistake

Remodeling sales can be broken down into a series of small decisions the homeowner must make, culminating (hopefully) in the signing of a contract with you. An important, and often overlooked, factor in getting through the requisite series of decisions from the homeowner, is whether the salesperson thinks that the next decision is an easy
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Pokémon Go for Design Build Remodelers? What You Need to Know

If you haven’t heard of Pokémon Go in the last month or so, you’ve really got to watch the news or talk to a millennial once in a while. It’s huge right now and it could, potentially, be a great marketing tactic for you to exploit. What is Pokémon Go? Pokémon Go is a game that you
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Bring Back the Physical Dimension to Your Marketing

When electronic communications first burst on the scene in the late 1990s, everyone with access to a computer rushed to try the newest way to send messages. Many of us still remember how novel it was to send and receive email. Hearing, “You’ve Got Mail!” was as exciting as Christmas morning! As email gained users,
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Change is Good. Why Are You Fighting It?

Running a business means dealing with change. To remain the best one can’t rest. The marketplace is full of companies ready to take yours down. Yes, they may be friendly competitors, but their success might come at the price of yours. How to remain on top or get closer to the top? Embrace change. Easily
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Paid Search: It’s Not Just About Keywords

A great paid search campaign can really drive your business. But building campaigns, identifying ad groups, and developing keywords is just part of it. You’ll also need to integrate a negative keyword strategy. If you don’t have one, it might be the reason that your paid ads are falling flat. You see, it’s not just
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