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How To Fire an Employee “The Right Way”

Letting an employee go is one of the most unpleasant parts of owning or managing a business. We all want our employees to be fantastic in their jobs… to be so wonderful that we never have to think about firing someone. But that’s not the real world, now is it? In today’s episode we’re going
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PowerTips TV Throw-back Thursday: “How a Job Autopsy Can Save Future Profits”

In our last throw-back episode of the season, we take a closer look at Slippage and how it can destroy the profit margin your team works so hard to obtain. In order to keep it from becoming a recurring problem, we cover how to perform a “Job Autopsy” or a break-down of where things went
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PowerTips TV Throw-back Thursday: “Free(ish) Resources Every Remodeler Needs”

We talk with prospective members of Remodelers Advantage Roundtables just about every day, from all over the US and Canada… and a common theme in every conversation is the owner’s overwhelming feeling that they are “on their own” when it comes to figuring out how to succeed in this industry of ours. Clearly, we would
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PowerTips TV Throw-back Thursday: “How to Combat the Labor Shortage”

This week’s throw-back episode goes back to 2015, but the topic remains a top discussion point at almost all Roundtables Meetings here at Remodelers Advantage. According to a recent article in Fortune Magazine, “60% of contractors reported difficulty finding skilled workers in the third quarter of 2017 due to an ongoing skilled labor shortage…” and
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PowerTips TV Throw-back Thursday: “How to Attract High-End Customers”

Today’s Throw-back episode, “How to Attract High-End Customers” was a topic previously suggested by a Remodelers Advantage Member… Thank you again @LeoLantz. And speaking of suggested topics… We are working hard on our new season of PowerTips TV, coming back in just a few short weeks. We would love to hear from you regarding topics
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PowerTips TV Throw-back Thursday: “6 Reasons for Having a Succession Plan”

On Tuesday our PowerTips post covered some great ways to increase your company’s valuation if you are eventually going to sell your business. So we figured we would stick with that same line of thought as today’s PTTV Throw-back talks about Succession Planning, or how to plan for your sudden or eventual departure from your
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