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Remodelers Advantage Awards Scholarships to LEAP Foundation Leadership Program

Remodelers Advantage Awards Scholarships to LEAP Foundation Leadership Program

April 1, 2011 — Laurel, MD — Remodelers Advantage has awarded two full scholarships to the LEAP Foundation Leadership Program. The recipients, Seth Powell and Alex Taylor, were selected from applications received from the children of Remodelers Advantage members. The goal of the LEAP week-long program is to provide attendees with invaluable information and insight that most young adults are simply never taught or explained. The LEAP curriculum is comprised of workshops and seminars that divulge tactics and embed knowledge to help the attendees excel in school as well as their future professional lives.

LEAP focuses on real real-life skills that attendees can apply immediately including:

The necessary social and business etiquette for success.
How to communicate efficiently, make an unforgettable impression, and speak with impact.
How to manage money even when you don’t have any!
Identifying optimal career paths.
The tools necessary to excel in academic and professional endeavors.
How to get a head start in life and gain an advantage over the competition.
How to find the perfect mentor, who will show you the way to achieving success.
How to acquire the confidence and skills to approach even the most powerful and intimidating people with ease.
How to make the most of high school and college years.
What it takes to position oneself as an influential leader wherever you go.
Study skills and presentation skills to improve classroom performance.
How to be someone peers look up to with respect and admiration.
How to build the most powerful portfolio for college applications, internships and scholarships.
Goal setting for accomplishing success.

Remodelers Advantage president, Victoria Downing says, “We are delighted to be able to offer our members the opportunity for their high school and college aged children to attend an event like LEAP. The advantage that a program like this will deliver is invaluable.”

LEAP founder, Steve Anderson, was recently a speaker at the Remodelers Advantage Summit held in Kohler, WI, and drew rave reviews. “After working with Steve and hearing about LEAP, we knew that we had to get involved. The group of people that Steve has gathered to participate in the Leadership program is phenomenal. This is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity,” Downing says. “We chose Alex and Seth because of the high quality of their application essays and the supporting letters and documents from teachers and other mentors. These two individuals have the enthusiasm and maturity to maximize the impact of these scholarships.”

Learn more about the LEAP Foundation Leadership Program at

Remodelers Advantage Inc. has been helping remodelers throughout North America increase profits and productivity through proven systems developed in their 30+ years of business. They work with hundreds of motivated remodeling company owners and top level staff on all aspects of business management. Learn more about Remodelers Advantage at or call 301-490-5620.



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