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Remodelers Advantage Community Meeting Open to Visitors

This Fall, Remodelers Advantage invites you to attend its upcoming Community Meeting in Austin, Texas. The two-day meeting takes place September 26 and 27, 2011 and is running in conjunction with a session of Remodelers Advantage Roundtables, the industries largest and fastest growing peer network. You don’t have to be a member to attend this exclusive conference, but you do need the desire and motivation to work smarter, not harder.

You probably know Remodelers Advantage through articles in industry magazines written by the founders or hearing a Remodelers Advantage team member speak at conferences and trade shows, or by reading one of their hard-hitting books like The Remodelers Guide to Making and Managing Money.

Perhaps you’ve thought about joining but weren’t sure that membership would deliver exactly the resources you need. today. Now, you have a unique opportunity to experience Remodelers Advantage as you learn best practices and find solutions to your business challenges – all with no long term commitment.

As an attendee at this high-energy conference, you will join dozens of your peers, many of whom are Remodelers Advantage members, as you learn the tactics they use to maintain profits, efficiency, and productivity during tough economic times. Whether you want to close more sales, generate more leads, reduce job costs, hire better and more confidently, solve production issues, or improve your customer service skills, the Community Meeting will provide you with practical, proven solutions that really work.

Attendees include Remodelers Advantage’s own business coaches–industry experts who share their knowhow throughout the country as speakers at industry trade conferences and association chapters, as one-on-one business coaches and consultants, through best selling books, as well as through articles in Remodeling magazine and other top industry publications.

In addition, you’ll have the opportunity to network with the Roundtables members, owners of award-winning businesses from across North America. During interactive, high energy exercises, in-depth business discussions, and lively networking opportunities, you will meet these business owners and learn about the practices, tools and tactics that have helped make their companies successful. The goal is to demonstrate the value that Remodelers Advantage delivers as well as the possibilities that exist for the attendees and their companies.

“Joining Remodelers Advantage was a big step. We had been members of (another organization) clubs for the 2 years prior. This community is very different,” says long-time Remodelers Advantage member, Steve Taylor, co-owner of Synergy Builders in West Chicago, Ill. “I have benefitted many times over since I have joined RA and it shows…I work less hours, my business can run without me, and we are making money (really)! I can honestly say that if I was not been a Remodelers Advantage member, I would not be in business today.”

The Community Meeting registration fee includes the two-day conference, a networking dinner, a valuable workbook, and breakfast and lunch on both days. Your satisfaction is guaranteed; If you don’t receive the value you expected out of the meeting, Remodelers Advantage will refund your registration fee plus $100. Sign up today. Seats are limited.

To register, call Remodelers Advantage at 301-490-5620 or register online at Remodelers Advantage Community Meeting Registration. Or cut and paste this URL into your browser window.

Remodelers Advantage is a 30-year-old consulting firm dedicated to helping remodelers improve their businesses, boost profits, and enjoy the benefits of working smarter and more efficiently. Remodelers who join Remodelers Advantage and implement the tools and resources provided can expect to see increased personal income, increased revenue, fewer work hours and a company under control.

In addition to business coaching and profiling services, networking opportunities, and a full compliment of books, CDs, and other business management resources, the firm offers an ever-expanding series of continuing education programs, including conferences, workshops, and seminars.

To learn the benefits of becoming a Remodelers Advantage member, visit or contact Victoria Downing at 301-490-5620.



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