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Remodelers Advantage Enhances Hiring Tool for Remodelers

Remodelers Advantage president, Victoria Downing, announces an enhancement to their popular program, Talent Management Plus™ (TMP), an advanced, employee pre-screening solution for remodelers.

“We’re delighted to announce a collaboration with John Mathis, president of Keyline Company, to help us deliver even greater results to our remodeling clients through the TMP program. John is an expert in the kinds of sophisticated personality assessments used by TMP to screen job applicants. He will use his 30+ years of experience to help our clients hire the absolute best person for the position.”

In this collaboration, Mathis will work directly with TMP clients to identify job candidates early in the process, saving remodelers hours of time typically spent reviewing hundreds of resumes, attempting phone interviews, playing telephone tag with prospects, and conducting inefficient, unproductive interviews. Business owners estimate that this efficient service saved 60+ hours typically needed for the traditional hiring process.

With the Talent Management Plus Program™, Mathis will help our client’s key management team develop a unique benchmark of the position against which all candidates will be measured. Once the benchmark is complete, all recruiting efforts will require candidates to complete an online assessment as a first step. Only if the result of the assessment shows a match to the benchmark will the applicant have the opportunity for an interview.

“Hiring great employees can be challenging for many entrepreneurs,” says Mathis. “I’ve worked with many remodelers who don’t have the time, or the experience to hire properly. Therefore, they find themselves bringing on people who don’t have the skills, or the personal talents to do the job. Then, even though they are not a good fit, they hang on to the misfit too long resulting in an erosion of the company’s culture and lost profits due to low productivity.

“When the business owner finally gets fed up and fires the employee, they start the same process all over again resulting in a frustrating merry-go-round. With Talent Management Plus, the owner doesn’t spend a minute on candidates that do not match the benchmark. When they do hire, they can be confident that they hired right.”

In addition to identifying the best candidates to hire, TMP provides detailed coaching reports that the business owner will use to improve performance and create a strong sense of motivation for the new employee.

Mathis says, “When the right person is hired for the right position, the employee finds that he or she thrives in the position, taking responsibility for results and working hard to succeed. When the job continues to feed the employee’s soul in this way, he or she has no desire to leave the company — resulting in a mature workforce that understands the company and the company’s unique culture.

Talent Management Plus™ is just one of the many services that Remodelers Advantage delivers to remodeling company owners. For the last 30+ years, the Remodelers Advantage Team, industry experts, have been dedicated to helping remodelers improve their businesses, boost their profits, and enjoy the lifestyle benefits of working smarter and more efficiently. In addition to business coaching, personality assessments, employee prescreening, networking opportunities, and a full compliment of books, CDs, and other business management resources, the firm offers an ever-expanding series of continuing education programs, including conferences, workshops, and seminars.

To learn more about the many services that Remodelers Advantage offers to professional remodelers, visit or contact Victoria Downing at 301-490-5620, ext. 105.



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