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Remodelers Advantage Launches Website to Feature Remodeling Excellence Week

Remodelers Advantage Launches Website to Feature Remodeling Excellence Week

As key remodeling industry leaders prepare to meet in Minneapolis in September, Remodelers Advantage has launched a website to help promote and build awareness for the various events occurring that week. features information about the Annual Remodeling Summit, the Roundtables Meetings scheduled before and after the Summit, and the new Production Conference being held at a nearby venue.

“We’ve been holding these week-long events for more than 15 years and they have always been well-attended and exciting for those active in our growing industry,” said Mark Harari, VP & CMO for Remodelers Advantage. “We wanted to launch this site to help tie everything together as we start to build more events, ultimately getting more professionals in the industry involved,” he continued.

In addition to the website, Remodelers Advantage has also released a few online “toys” to make the experience fun and engaging. Playing off the “Tuesday Night Fever” 70’s theme of the Summit Welcome Party, two small micro-sites have been set up; a Spotify Playlist featuring songs from that era and also a fun tool that allows you to drop a picture of your face into a 70’s character cut-out and then share with your friends via social media.

“We’re really excited about Remodeling Excellence Week and we wanted to come up with a few fun ways that our members, attendees and guests could have fun as well,” said Harari.

The REXWeek website can be found here:
The Spotify Playlist can be found here:
The Character Photo Cut-Out Page can be found here:



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