The industry’s most powerful business improvement tool gets an injection of coaching, training, and mentoring.

Baltimore, MD – Remodelers Advantage announced today that Roundtables – the world-class peer support program that has helped thousands of business owners realize returns on investment in excess of 500% per year – is getting an upgrade. For the first time, a Roundtables membership will include professional coaching, training, and mentoring.

For 29 years, Roundtables has brought together non-competing companies to share experiences and help one another improve company performance. “Having a brain trust of outside advisors is the foundation of virtually every successful business,” said Victoria Downing, President of Remodelers Advantage. “It gives you a significant advantage over competitors that rely solely on internal personnel and feedback.”

The new and improved Roundtables program builds on this foundation by giving members credits to use toward additional business improvement resources, including one-on-one coaching, live and virtual workshops, conferences, classes and more.

“While Roundtables alone has helped thousands of businesses grow and prosper, we have found that the members who supplement their membership with additional business support and education reach far greater levels of success, both professionally and personally,” continued Downing.

The adage says “necessity is the mother of invention,” and Roundtables 2.0 is no different. The driving force behind the change was the Covid-19 pandemic that effectively shut down the entire country in March 2020. In the days following the initial shut down, it became clear to the company’s executive team that the wholesale cancellation of its in-person spring Roundtables meetings was inevitable, in favor of virtual meetings.

More importantly, Remodelers Advantage quickly shifted its focus and invested in an unprecedented support program to help its members survive the crisis. The two-day online conference Build Aid was held in April. Around-the-clock support personnel were on-call for those who were struggling, and weekly facilitated check-ins with every member were implemented. Workshops, classes and resources such as checklists, spreadsheets and emergency plans were offered in the weeks that followed.

“Once the dust settled and our 18-hour workdays wound down to more reasonable 12-hour days, we were able to see the forest for the trees,” said Mark Harari, Vice-President of Remodelers Advantage.

The Roundtables program now includes two case-studies per year, consulting, coaching, workshops, Masterclasses, Strategic Action Groups, Employee Certification programs, and more.

For 29 years, Remodelers Advantage has proven that peer groups are the most powerful tool available to business owners. And yet, with this change, their industry-leading peer group program is poised to eclipse its benchmarks of success and help businesses grow and prosper in ways never imagined. If you are not yet a member and want to be a part of the rebirth, visit today.


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