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The Remodeler’s Year End Checklist

The Remodeler’s Year End Checklist

End of Year Checklist for RemodelersIt’s that time of year again! Pulling together everything and anything, and getting ready for End of Year!

W2’s; Material Invoices; Payroll Liabilities; Vendor Statements; Reports, reports, reports – Where does it all end?

When I was doing the bookkeeping, I found it very helpful to have checklists to follow, to make sure I wasn’t missing anything important. And End of Year is the most detailed, most important of all!

Thanks to Judith Miller (and QuickBooks Year-End Guide), we’ve put together this End of Year Checklist for your bookkeeper to use. Following this list will make their jobs much easier and more streamlined.

If you have any checklists that you find particularly helpful, please share them in the comments below.

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