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How to Showcase Your Customer Relationships for More Referrals

How to Showcase Your Customer Relationships for More Referrals

Word-of-mouth recommendations are still essential for your business, but they’re happening on the Internet as much – if not more – than at the coffee shop or grocery store.

To build your brand and drive new business, you need to become part of online conversations.

Why? About 40 percent of homeowners said they would be unlikely or very unlikely to consider a contractor if they could not find reviews about the business online, according to a recent survey by Internet marketing agency Contractor Nation. Not only that but 40 percent said they would instantly avoid a contractor if they saw bad reviews.

Once potential clients know about your business, they seek resources that can assure them that they are considering the right contractor and that they are going to get value for their money. It is a trust problem – and the larger the project, the greater the concern.

That’s why you want to get positive reviews and showcase them to gain trust and bring legitimacy to your business.

Think like a homeowner

Before a remodel, homeowners are searching on Houzz, Porch, Angie’s List and other sites for before-and-after pictures, recommendations and five-star ratings to help guide their decision.

Homeowner expectations are at an all-time high. They want you to show them your workmanship and the value it adds to their home. When you sit down with them, they want to know your timeline and to be assured that they won’t be living under a dust cloud during and after the remodel.

Your first step toward better referrals is to give your clients an experience worth talking about.

Meet your deadlines, be conscious of their belongings, execute your dust control plan and give them the kitchen, bathroom or basement of their dreams. Make their experience livable.

Next, once you know you have a satisfied customer, ask for their testimonial. But not just for your website. Encourage them to post it on Houzz or another review site as well.

Also, update all of your social media accounts with your latest work and photos. When homeowners are looking for fresh ideas, they need to see your work before you stand a chance of getting a phone call for their business.

What if you see a negative review?

Realize you need to work fast. On average, customers will tell nine people about their negative experience. You’ll want to contact your client, let them know you appreciate their feedback and will work to eliminate those faults.

Most importantly – mean it. Take ownership, when applicable. Whether the negative feedback was written on your Facebook wall, through your website or in an email, make sure to point out that their voice is being heard.

These might seem like simple steps, but too many contractors do not take these opportunities to engage with customers and build upon those relationships.

What do you think?

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