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Whether it is a keynote presentation, a breakout session or perhaps a seat on a panel of experts for a Q&A session, our team of industry professionals can speak to almost any topic or issue facing today’s remodelers, renovators and custom builders.

Because our team members are Podcast hosts themselves, they make great guests for industry and non-industry podcasts.

Our Topics 

On Production

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On Financial Growth

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Our Speakers 

Steve Wheeler

Executive Director of Roundtables

As Executive Director of Roundtables, Steve is ultimately responsible for ensuring our members have an amazing Roundtables experience that will help them reach their financial and personal goals. Prior to joining R/A, Steve spent 12 years as a remodeling business owner in nearby Delaware.

In addition, Steve is Co-host of The Tim Faller Show, a weekly podcast focused on “Improving The Bottom Line Through Production Training…”

Doug Howard

Facilitator & Consultant

Doug Howard is an experienced Leader, entrepreneur and business consultant with over 25 years of success in leading organizations, starting new companies and assisting client businesses as they start-up, grow or transition. Throughout his career Doug has served in leadership in for-profit, non-profit and government organizations. He is a graduate of the Wharton School of Business.

Doug joined Remodelers Advantage as Director of Consulting Services in 2017. He now specializes in helping remodeling company owners develop strategic plans, streamline processes, improve profitability, and navigate growth.

Tim Faller

Senior Consultant

For over 20 years, Tim has worked shoulder-to-shoulder with hundreds of remodeling companies, large and small, to help improve profits by creating smooth, efficient production systems.

Tim has interviewed and worked with countless owners, employees, stakeholders and vendors as he travels across the continent consulting with some of the most successful remodelers in the industry.

As a Senior Consultant and “Master of Production” for Remodelers Advantage, Tim’s field and business ownership experience is vital to his additional role as facilitator for Owner and Production Manager Roundtables Groups.

In addition to being a publ...

Mark Harari

Vice President

Mark Harari is an award-winning marketer and the best-selling author of Lobster on a Cheese Plate: How to stand out, attract the best clients, and win every sale that comes your way.  His pioneering work in developing targeted audience acquisition strategies has influenced industry best practices.

Throughout his career, Mark has run the marketing gamut: From email, SEO and web design to copywriting, positioning and brand management.

He is the recipient of numerous marketing awards in many categories, including video, web design, print advertising, and copywriting. They include three prestigious Muse Creative awards, an IAC awa...

Victoria Downing


Victoria Downing is a leading authority in the remodeling industry. For nearly 30 years, Victoria has worked with owners of remodeling companies across the United States and Canada, to help them build strong, consistently profitable businesses. She is known for her high-energy educational seminars as well as her in-depth knowledge of the best practices that transform company performance.

Victoria has created the industry’s largest community of motivated remodelers through Remodelers Advantage University and the Roundtables Peer Group Program. Currently, the members of this community produce over $1 billion in revenue annually.


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