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4 Ways to Raise Profits

Have you ever thought, “I’d be making more money working as an employee for somebody else then I am as the owner of my own company?!”  If so than you have profitability issues! This week I’m going to discuss the four ways to fix it. Because one of the most important guidelines to building a great business is

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How to Close the Deal Without Rushing the Prospect

Here’s a  question that was recently asked on an online business forum I frequent, and it really resonated with me: Q: (From a business owner) Okay, here’s a quick question: After discussing details of a project with a client who is a prospect, how do we smoothly go to closing the deal without making our client feel

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Polished Sales Appointments Sell More Jobs and Save Time

“It’s useless to be a good craftsperson . . . unless you can also sell what you create.  Your customers cannot be expected to recognize a good idea unless it is presented to them by a good salesperson.”

This is a paraphrased quote from David Ogilvy, one of America’s advertising legends. You can develop the very best solution to an exceptionally complex problem, but if you can’t present that idea in a way that will convince your prospects, all of your work has been wasted.

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Boost Your Brain: 5 Tips for Brainy Success at Work

One organ in your body dictates much of your behavior and ultimate success at work. The activities of this organ occur at a level of which you are not even consciously aware. It’s your brain! While phrases like, “Use your brain!” or “Think outside the box!” are casually tossed around in the workplace every day,

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Recharging Your Mind and Body/Eliminating Stress

You, like everyone else, are doing more with less, working harder than ever.  However, too much work makes for a stagnant, burnt out business owner. To remain fresh, energetic, and enthusiastic — all necessary attributes for those serious about competing in this tough market — you must create time for yourself and take the focus

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Don’t Ask: Recommend!

The last blog post I created focused on the need to become a great salesperson if you are really interested in maintaining a successful business. Boy, the hits to the web site were off the charts! So obviously we hit a nerve with that discussion. So, I decided to give you more information on sales

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