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Can Your Employees Survive a Shipwreck?

Have you ever played one of those educational survivor games? They always start with a crisis (like a plane crash or a shipwreck) that leaves you and your team with only your problem-solving skills and a motley array of items to survive. If you haven’t been part of a game like this, you should. There are

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8 Tips to Running a PRODUCTIVE Meeting

Parking lots, traffic lights, scribes and soapboxes. Do you know what these four things have in common? If you didn’t say “meetings” then this is a must-see episode of PowerTips TV! Whether you have two employees or 200, meetings are a must-do component to operating a successful remodeling company. But it takes more than just

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Stop Profit Leaks Now with Effective Production Meetings

Obviously, your company’s success in producing the job has a huge impact on the entire company. Yes, the jobs have to be sold, designed, estimated – but if they aren’t produced on time and on budget with a delighted client, all of your previous efforts are for naught. During my 20-plus years in this business,

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Ramping Up Production Efficiency

Production is really where the rubber meets the road. The people involved in production are a huge part of the customer experience —  and it’s also where your money is won or lost. Three Major Goals of the Production Department Include: Complete jobs on time, Within budget, Resulting in a highly satisfied client This is

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A Key To Accountability — Company Meetings

  You probably know that industry guru and long-time Remodeling columnist, Linda Case, is the founder of Remodelers Advantage. We were recently talking about the importance of company meetings and below, she shares some thoughts with you. Meetings Are they time-wasters, money-squanderers, gripe sessions, and ill-planned interruptions to actually getting work done?  That’s what many

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