Is Head Trash Holding You Back?

For the last 25 years or so, Linda Case and I have worked with owners of remodeling companies and have had the wonderful opportunity to get to know many of them very well. From time to time, we work with someone who has a hard time accepting that the ideas we are presenting can make a very positive difference in the company. Often it’s because they’re carrying around Head Trash — pre-conceived notions that they believe are truths! Below are some popular forms of Head Trash. Be sure they’re not holding you back!

  • Head Trash #21  If I know the technical part of the business, I can run a great remodeling business.
    This myth has been clearly debunked.  Grab a copy of The E Myth by Michael Gerber if you aren’t convinced.  It’s good you are in the business you love but now you’ve got a whole new boatload of learning to do. As the owner of a company, you are much like a pilot making decisions based on her instrument panel readings.  Many of those readouts for you will be financial and will come from having good accounting software run by someone who is knowledgeable.  But the real financial management of the company can’t be delegated.  You don’t have to know the software or bookkeeping details but you do have to know what the numbers mean.  Remember – your technical expertise will be invaluable but your financial knowledge will keep you in business.
  • Head Trash #19   I can’t get that profit margin in MY area.
    Whenever we hear this, we quickly pull out dozens of examples of other remodelers who ARE getting that margin in EVERY market! It can be done. . . but you have to be a superior salesperson and consistently deliver on your promises to get it.  It’s worth the effort to learn how to sell the value that you deliver because it will take you out of the indentured servitude that applies to so many remodelers! You deserve to have a comfortable life and earn the money for which you work so hard. Get rid of this head trash and go get it!
  • Head Trash #16  No one can do the job as well as I can.
    Good thing the founders of Exxon, Walmart, Google and thousands of other businesses weren’t crippled by this thinking.  Where would those companies be now?  You can’t grow until you learn to delegate. And to do that, you need great employees. Believe it or not, they are available and it’s up to you to find them, recruit them, and keep them! If you’ve been playing sandlot remodeling, picking from the folks you happen upon casually, it’s time to start playing professional remodeling and recruit the best people for each position on your team!  Start with a topnotch job description, assessments that measure skills and behaviors, and an enticing ad. Then interview only the cream of the applicants and prepare ahead of time so that you have strong interview questions at your fingertips.  You’ll improve your hiring substantially.  Take your time during this process and, if you do hire and then find they are not a great fit, quickly release them back to the community.  With a thoughtful process and tools to help, you’ll find yourself surrounded by a fantastic team that will help you grow beyond your dreams.

We’ll share more of the common Head Trash issues in PowerTips to come. Take a step back now and think about your own business and then take any head trash holding you back straight to the mental landfill!