4 Reasons Why Owners Should Fire Up Their Resumes

How long has it been since you’ve updated your resume? As the owner of a remodeling business, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s been many years (if ever). But you need to update it today.

Don’t worry. It’s not because I’m privy to an impending doom that is going to close down your company.

But I think you’ll find this exercise to be both practical and enlightening.

Here are four reasons to put together your resume today.

1. Identify your role

The last resume I wrote I couldn’t help but think, “Wow, how did I do all of this?”

When you put together your resume, you will go through an exhaustive exploration of what it is you actually do day in and day out. It will amaze you; I guarantee it.

As you assemble your duties into a cohesive resume-style document, patterns will begin to emerge. For example, you may start to see tasks that your office manager should be doing, or perhaps a list of grunt-work that you could pay a minimum wage helper to perform.

In the PowerTips TV episode, Are you wearing too many hats? Victoria talks about the importance of reducing your workload. Writing your resume will help you see what you are working on and help you determine if it’s something that should be on someone else’s resume, and not yours!

2. Get your personal brand in shape

You have a LinkedIn profile, right? Does your website have a Meet the Team page with your bio on it? And don’t forget about Twitter and Facebook.

Many business owners have incomplete and inconsistent online biographies. Primarily because they are thrown together on a whim at the time of creating an account.

An updated resume serves as a solid go-to document whenever you need to compose a bio, and more importantly, it helps keep your story consistent.

3. Get that spark back

As the owner of a remodeling company, you praise your employees for a job well done, but who praises you?

Running a business is difficult. It can be flat out overwhelming at times. It’s common for feelings of anxiousness, self-doubt and even panic to set in.

You get so caught up in the day-to-day (or even the moment-to-moment) chaos that you fail to see all that you have accomplished; which is precisely why you need to write your resume.

It is, by definition, a list of your accomplishments.

And I promise you; if you take this seriously and put together a resume as if you were looking for a new job, you will be astonished to see all that you have achieved.

You will be reinvigorated.

4. Be thankful

Do you remember the stress of job hunting? The anxiety inherent in sending out dozens of resumes and watching the minutes tick away while you wait to hear back?

It is a humbling experience to say the least.

Well, writing your resume could cause those feelings to bubble back up to the surface. And that’s is a good thing!

Embrace that feeling. Be thankful that you aren’t out there anymore and remember why you started this company to begin with. You’ve got a great thing with limitless potential!

I want to hear from you!

What do you think about this exercise? Are you willing to try it? Are there any benefits I may have missed? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

Image courtesy of phasinphoto at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Developing Your Superstar Team


Do you automatically turn to the classified ads when you have a new job opening? Unfortunately everyone else in town is doing the same.  Most applicants reached through the classified ads are currently unemployed or already have an agreement to leave their firms at a specified time. Thus the classified ad pool of workers is somewhat suspect.

Top workers can choose the company they want to work for because they are in demand.  Attracting these key people takes creative recruiting and an excellent reputation among industry workers.  On the other hand, remodelers with pro­gressive employee policies sometimes have a waiting list of applicants for the next available opening even in areas with labor shortages.  That should be your aim in your company.

Consider how you can hire from the ranks of the employed.  You could leave flyers on trucks parked at the lumberyard or builder’s supply firm and post notices on their bulletin boards.  You could advertise an evening open house at which you take applications, have the present employees talk with potential employees, and serve light refreshments. You could set up inter­views at the local high school vocational school or carpentry training program.

When you do use a classified ad, it should describe the job accurately and list the attractive benefits or working conditions you offer. Using more space than the other classified ads will make your ad stand out.  Consider an ad in your local associa­tion newsletter or even in a national trade publication.  Put the word out that you have a position open on one of the websites that attract remodelers and their employees.

The key is to be creative in your recruitment of applicants. You might use a company meeting to brainstorm unique ways to attract excellent applicants.

 16 Tips for hiring superstar employees:

  1. Clear job description.
  2. Promote from within wherever feasible.
  3. Be creative in advertising the position.
  4. Develop or buy a good job application form.
  5. Have all personnel forms checked by the company attorney beforehand.
  6. Request letters or resumes from the applicants. Prepare a list of questions for the interview. Reference great books like Hiring Smart by Pierre Mornell.
  7. Practice interviewing with someone.  Ask for feedback.
  8. Avoid illegal questions.
  9. Ask questions which cannot be answered “yes” or “no.” Focus on past performance. Ask “Tell me about a time when you had to deal with this . . .” Don’t ask, “How would you deal with this issue?” That’s asking them to use their imagination. Better to ask how they handled difficult situations in the past.
  10. Ask about driving record for liability purposes.
  11. Study the appearance of the applicant. Would you like to have him/her representing your company?
  12. Look for good work attitudes such as eagerness, high energy level, willingness to learn, courtesy, as well as knowledge. Can this applicant sell him/herself?
  13. Be prepared to sell the top applicant on the company.
  14. Ask the applicant what he/she would like to know about the remod­eling company and the work.  Does the applicant ask intelligent questions?
  15. Check references thoroughly.
  16. After hiring, prepare to train heavily for the first 1 to 3 months.

Reading Between the Lines: What to Look for in a Resume

Resumes can be loaded with information if you know what to look for and, just like first impressions are very important in face-to-face meetings, the same is true with resumes.

For example, when you receive a resume from a Lead Carpenter candidate, keep in mind that this candidate is a “hands -on” person and usually does not have the time to develop above average writing skills.  The resume will usually reflect this and that may be fine, considering the position they will fill.

However, when you are looking for a Production Manager who will be responsible for leadership, managerial responsibilities, and customer contact then writing and communication skills are essential. So the first impression of this candidate’s resume must reflect this level of expertise.

Next, read the content carefully as the style in which a resume is written is packed with information.

If many details of the past are carefully listed in chronological order, it is likely the S and C behaviors are in place. These behaviors reflect a person who is detail and research oriented and may not handle multi tasking well.

On the other hand, a resume that is written in a direct style with crisp language could mean that the D and some I behavior is in place.  These behaviors reflect a person who makes decisions quickly, can handle conflict, but yet enjoys being around people.

Which type of a person fits the position you are trying to fill?

Every job candidate is bound to put their best foot forward, so carefully read the content and then be prepared to ask questions to draw out more information about their behaviors. This way, you can be certain that this person has what you need for the position.