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BACKLOG: How to handle this wonderful curse

A few days ago, a client called with a problem.  He’s trying to balance how much he can sell (wanting to sell as much as possible) with the amount his production team can produce. His primary question was, “When do I tell the prospect about my six-month backlog and still gain them as a client?”

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Don’t Fall Prey to this Remodeling Sales Mistake

Remodeling sales can be broken down into a series of small decisions the homeowner must make, culminating (hopefully) in the signing of a contract with you. An important, and often overlooked, factor in getting through the requisite series of decisions from the homeowner, is whether the salesperson thinks that the next decision is an easy

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What Sales Managers Measure

At a recent meeting of one of our Roundtables™ peer groups — this one with owners of companies producing over $5,000,000 annually — I participated in a rousing discussion of the techniques and procedures used in managing sales successfully. As you can imagine, once a company reaches a high volume, using a proven, effective sales

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