Telling Your Remodeling Company’s Story

When it comes to marketing your remodeling company, how well do you tell its story? Some companies do this very well, yet most struggle to tell a compelling story that resonates with customers. If you’re not telling your story well, you’re leaving only one way for customers to compare you to other remodelers — PRICE!

It’s hard for service businesses like remodeling, because the things that make your company the right choice for the customer are easy to say, hard to do, and almost impossible to demonstrate. Yet it‘s critical to distinguish your company from another. So it’s something you need to get good at doing. 

Just a QUIP

I like to use the term QUIP. Q-U-I-P stands for “qualifiers that are unique, important, and provable.” You need to distinguish your company in the minds of that potential client when they’re deciding who to use as a remodeling company. All the while, it’s necessary to remember most people only go through a major remodeling project once in a lifetime. That’s a steep learning curve. 

Standing Out: Unique

Let’s start with those things that are unique. What things do you do that most others do not? Think about special services you offer, or certain certifications that set you apart. Determine if you have experience with a particular style of remodel, or anything else that makes you stand out from the crowd.

What’s Important

From that list of unique items, nail down the most important components that customers use to decide what remodeling company to use. Do you help your prospects see by guiding them through the process? Do they get a clear understanding of how much better their experience will be with you and your company? Get to the heart of what you can do for them and how it will positively impact their overall project.

Prove It

Now’s the time to figure out how can you prove those important qualifiers. This is where awards, testimonials, and referrals help you demonstrate your skills. 

When you pull that all together, practice telling your story so you can present that to a prospect. You need to ensure they’re immediately hearing things that separate you from other remodeling companies, so they respond accordingly. By picking you.

Are You Ready for 2020?

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