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10 Ways to Protect Your Business from Cyber Crimes

Smartphones, laptops, and tablets, have boosted efficiency and communication from the field to the office and back, but they also open your business up to cyberattacks. A recent survey reported by the Associated Press finds that small-to-medium-sized businesses — like many remodeling companies — are increasingly the targets of such attacks.  Every organization is vulnerable,

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Does Your Company Need a System?

“I need my company to be more systematized,” is something I hear from many remodeling company owners. What exactly does that mean and why is it so alluring? I have been looking with no success for a definition of “system” that addresses what I think it means. The definition that works for me is “a

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How to Build a Company to Run Without You!

At a recent Roundtables™ meeting, several remodeling company owners were drilling deep into the workings of a production department of a fellow member. Their goal was to develop an improvement action plan for this company that would allow them to grow revenue, grow profits, and reduce the chaos and stress in the office. These business

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