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How to Attract High-End Customers

Selling to high-end clients is arguably one of the quickest ways to increase revenue and improve your profitability. In today’s episode of PowerTipsTv, I’ll give you some tips and tactics to attract the strong purchasing power of this coveted market segment. Special thanks goes out to @LeoLantz for requesting today’s topic! Have a question you

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Sales Tips to Give You The Edge

We constantly hear about Remodelers making proposals to prospective clients only to be undercut on price.  Here is the solution, presented by Ted Dubin, our Director of Business Development and in-house Sales Trainer. Creating the Need As Victoria mentioned,  one of the most frequent topics of discussion in our conversations with Remodelers is the issue

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Becoming a Great Salesperson: Tools for Staying on Top

In the past 3 weeks, I’ve heard from six different remodelers who are very concerned because clients are accepting proposals that are priced significantly lower than their own. It can be devastating to one’s morale to have worked for weeks on a detailed remodeling project proposal only to be told that they’re giving the project

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Growing Your Sales Team: Is the timing right?

I was reading an article from INC. magazine in which the author talked of attending a presentation given by a successful entrepreneur who asked the large audience, “Who here is involved in selling the company’s products or services?” Everyone held up his or her hand. The presenter responded, “Shame on you! If you are the

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