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The Time for Improved Leadership Skills is NOW!

As the remodeling market grows stronger and stronger, remodeling company owners are taking up the mantle of leadership within their companies. For the last several years, everyone’s been hustling as fast as they can just to keep the business alive. But now, it’s time for growth, hiring new employees, investing in new and innovative marketing, and driving the company into a profitable, successful future. And every company needs a strong leader to do this successfully.

Because leadership is at the well-deserved forefront once again, Remodelers Advantage is featuring leadership expert, Alexandre  Havard, founder of the Havard Leadership Institute and author of Virtuous Leadership: An agenda for Personal Excellence at the 2013 Business Summit. We’re excited about the lessons he will share with the 400+ remodeling professionals in attendance.

Plus, here’s a great article from Harvard Business Review that will get you started thinking.  http://hbr.org/2013/07/connect-then-lead/ar/1

What are you doing to improve the leadership skills of yourself . . .and your staff?


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