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The Roundtables 2021/22 Yearbook!

We are excited to announce that we will give all Roundtables members a copy of the First Annual RAR Yearbook at this year’s Summit!

1. Celebrate Judith Miller's Retirement!​ 

The yearbook will include a special section commemorating Judith’s illustrious career. 

This is your chance to show her your love!

Use the form to the right to submit your short personal message to Judith.

The deadline to submit is Monday, August 22nd.

Enter your message below. There’s no need to sign it, as we will add your name to the end.

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*Note: Only one submission per person. If you resubmit a message, the previous submission will be overwritten.

2. Customize Your Group Page 

Do you have pictures from your Fall 2021 and/or Spring 2022 Roundtables meeting? 

You can use the uploader to the right to send them to us!

Please be sure the file names include your group name and the meeting season. For example Titan-fall21, Omega-spring22, etc.

*Because of space limitations, we cannot guarantee that all pictures will be used.

The deadline to submit is Monday, August 22nd.

Send us Group Meeting Pics! 

You may submit up to 3 files.

(max file size is 10mb)

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