Mark Harari

Vice President, Remodelers Advantage Inc.

Location: Baltimore, MD
Industry Experience: 27 years
RAR Facilitator Since: 2017

Mark Harari

Play. Play often. Play every day. Play releases endorphins, and this helps relieve stress. All adults should play. But business owners, in particular, have a lot to gain from play. Besides improving memory and keeping us feeling energetic, play has been shown to stimulate creativity.

Areas of Expertise

Marketing Strategy
Critical Thinking
Brand Development
Web Development
Copy Writing

Professional background

I began my career in this industry in 1998, when I got a job at 84 Lumber. I started my remodeling company in 2005 with a close friend. The great recession was a perfect storm for us as we had just expanded into commercial projects when the floor dropped out. In 2011, I decided I had had enough and moved full-time into marketing.

I have since become an award-winning marketer and the best-selling author of Lobster on a Cheese Plate: How to stand out, attract the best clients, and win every sale that comes your way.  

Throughout my career, I’ve run the marketing gamut: From email, SEO and web design to copywriting, positioning and brand management.

My marketing awards came in many categories, including video, web design, print advertising, and copywriting. They include three prestigious Muse Creative awards, an IAC award, three AVA Digital awards, and two MarCom International awards.

Personal Life

I firmly believe that learning should be fun, failure is critical to success, and when faced with the choice, you should leave the gun and take the cannoli.

In my free time, I enjoy watching hockey, going to the gym, fantasy football, playing soccer with my daughter, golfing with my son, collecting movie memorabilia, taking my wife to dinner, and watching movies with my dog, Max. (No, Deb, not in that order.)

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