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Remodelers Advantage Members are Industry Leaders

Over $1mm

Roundtables Membership

The support and guidance we share with each other has dramatically changed our companies — and our lives — for the better.

Why? Because isolation is the enemy of success.

We know that none of us can ever be as smart as all of us. That is why we share. That is why we succeed.

Roundtables is a world-class peer advisory program that brings together smart, motivated remodeling professionals, just like you, to help one another grow.

Roundtables Program Overview

What to expect when you join


Week 1
Introduction & Overview
Success in Roundtables begins with a strong foundation. New members will be placed in the upcoming JumpStart cohort.

This 7-week program requires a minimum of 4-hours per week in instruction and implementation. Here we lay the critical groundwork for your success.
Week 1
Week 2
Financial Reports: Seeing into the Future
You'll Learn:
  • Methods of Accounting
  • Balance Sheet
  • Profit and Loss Statement
  • Job Cost Reports
  • Percentage of Completion Accounting
Week 2
Week 3
The Bookkeeper Project
You and your bookkeeper will participate to understand bookkeeping best practices and learn "The R/A Way."
Topics include:
  • Tracking Estimates and Job Costs with Job Cost Reports
  • Labor Burden: Determining and adding to estimates
  • Indirect Expense Allocation: What it is, how to track it, how to include these costs in estimate, how to do journal entries
  • Work In Progress Journal Entries including month-end and year-end actions
Week 3
Week 4
Budget and Organizational Structure
Topics include:
  • Creating an Annual Company Budget
  • How to use it – review budget vs. actual monthly
  • Discuss actions to take if actuals are off target
  • Reporting owner compensation (salary, dividends, draws, two-owner companies) and how we use for comparison purposes
  • Building An Effective Organizational Chart
Week 4
Week 5
Your Roundtables Meeting
During this session, we’ll walk through the ins-and-outs of a typical Roundtables meeting, information shared, various segments of a typical meeting and more.

Discussions will touch on:
  • Metrics such as the Sweet Spot and Marketing stats
  • The role of the Facilitator
  • Preparing for the Lightning Round
  • Maximizing Company Focus Time
  • Making strong Commitments
Week 5
Week 6
Company Focus Packets and the Composite Report
This week will focus on submitting company data, and learning how to effectively review other members packets with an eye toward how you can help them.

During the Company Focus discussions, we will be reviewing an array of metrics and other business management topics that will set the tone for Roundtables Meeting sessions.
Week 6
Week 7
Mini-Roundtables Meeting, 'My Why' and Next Steps
During this session, we’ll hold a mock Roundtables meeting to help new members understand the cadence, the content, and the pace of a typical Roundtables meeting. It concludes with an official welcome to Roundtables!
Week 7
Week 8 and Beyond


We've just placed you into your Roundtables Group! In addition to on-going support and feedback from your peers, you will receive:

  • Two annual "Case Study" Meetings
  • Annual Roundtables Mastermind meeting
  • Ticket to the Annual Remodelers Summit
  • Bi-Monthly Group Calls
  • Access to the private Members-Only Facebook Group.
  • Access to the videos, lessons, and content in the Remodelers University for you and up to 20 of your employees
  • Priority Access Invitations to all Remodelers Advantage events
  • 12 Professional Service Credits (PSCs) loaded into your account annually, so you may invest in an array of business improvement services, including Consulting, Masterclasses, Training, Events and more. Invest in yourself or in key members of your team!
And away we go... the Sky is the limit!
Week 8 and Beyond

This is the single most impactful thing I have done for myself and my company. I now cannot imagine running my business without it and am happy to tell any peer that I come in contact with that it would benefit them.

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- not to worry -

Under $1mm

Remodelers University Membership

It’s not easy getting to $1million in annual remodeling production. For those that aspire to join the elite remodelers in Roundtables, Remodelers University will give you the tools and resources you need to get there.

Courses can be accessed on-the-go from any computer, smartphone, or tablet 24-hours a day, seven days a week. Learn at your own pace at home, in the office, or on a job site.

Visit Remodelers Advantage University Website to learn more and register.


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