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[Video] All Together Now: Getting Your Team to Buy In

Growing your remodeling company often means you have to change your processes and systems to keep operating efficiently. And as hard as that can be, sometimes it’s the easy part. The challenge comes with getting your team on board with you.

It’s common for some employees to ignore the new systems and keep doing what they’ve always done. They may fear or fight the new methods because they don’t understand the reasoning behind it.

In today’s PowerTips, we take a look back at a PowerTips TV episode that shows you how to get buy-in from your team.

Victoria details how to get your employees on board with the new processes that will help you grow, by making them understand what it means to them — and your clients, including:

  • Getting discussions flowing
  • Setting goals
  • Making commitments, and keeping them

Change can be hard. But if you ask the right questions, have good answers, and put a premium on open communication, you can get your team working with you, not against you.


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