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Roundtables for Production Managers

Peer-Power for your Production Team

Developed and led by our Senior Consultant and “Production Guru”, Tim Faller, this special Roundtables™ Program for Production Managers focuses on all aspects of production management including:

How it Works 

You will meet twice a year for two days. We collect Performance Metrics, targeting specifically those metrics that track production performance.

In between meetings, Tim hosts a 90-minute conference call or webinar to help your Production Managers continue to improve your management skills.

You will also participate in MicroBoards—small groups of your peers who meet monthly via Zoom to discuss issues and ask for input.

You can expect to master your role within the company as you improve hiring practices, coaching skills, and delivers exceptionally satisfied clients and a greater profit for the company as a whole. 

What's the ROI? 

The numbers don’t lie. Better Production Managers means a better, more efficient remodeling company.

Consider this: if your company produces $1,500,000 annually,

Tim Faller

Production Guru Extraordinaire

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