Chris Peterson

VP of Production & Co-Owner
Schloegel Design Remodel

Location: Kansas City, MO
Industry Experience: 34 years
Roundtables Member: 7 years
RAR Facilitator Since: 2021

Chris Peterson

Its all about the people. Hire, train and retain good people and empower them to make decisions with the clients best interest in mind and the rest takes care of itself!

Areas of Expertise

Relationship Building
Problem Solving

Professional background

My first seven years in the industry were mostly spent in new construction. I started as a Junior in High School and attended a Vo-Tech before joining the Schloegel team in 1996. 

Over my 26+ years with the team, I had the opportunity to work in many positions throughout the production department. I started as a carpenter and quickly moved to the Lead Carpenter role managing the project resources while still producing the hands on side of the project. 

A few years later, I moved into the role of a Project Manager, managing the resources on several projects but not taking part in any of the hands on portion.

After several years as a PM, I took on the role of Production Manager, managing more of the higher level data analytics and looking 3-6 months down the road for the next hurdle or blind spot. 

My next and probably last stop on the Org Chart is as VP of Production and Co Owner. In 2017, After 21 years with the company, Charlie Schloegel and I bought the business from our founder, Jake Schloegel.

Personal Life

I love to spend time with my wife, Joee and my two daughters at the lake. Everything is better at the lake, especially when we are on the boat! 

My newest hobby has been spending time with my 6 month old granddaughter Sutton, I am totally wrapped around her finger! 

I also like to cook in BBQ competitions, I hope to cook in 6-8 this year.

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