Steve Wheeler

Executive Director of Roundtables, Remodelers Advantage

Location: Linthicum, MD
Industry Experience: 19 years
RAR Facilitator Since: 2021

Steve Wheeler

Keep it between 3-7. Business Ownership is a wild ride! The good times can feel like a 10, and seem like they'll never end. When the bad times have you at a 1, it can feel suffocating to where forward motion seems non-existence. Know that things will get better, and know that things may not always be perfect. Stay consistent, and don't let the outside forces of the industry and the job consume you and dampen the enjoyment you can feel along the way.

Areas of Expertise

Personal Growth
Business Strategy
Client Experience

Professional background

I started in the Remodeling Industry a few months after graduating from college with an Architectural Engineering degree. 

While interviewing with a number of large scale home builders, I worked as a gopher on a framing crew, and after 3 months my older brother and I decided to go into business (something I don’t suggest after 3 months). We spent many years working in the field and self performing all of the work and realized there had to be a better way. 

We went separate ways in business, and I started to grow Wheeler Group Remodeling, specializing in Kitchen & Bath, Additions, and Whole House Remodeling. 

After starting a family and having spent most of my life in the area I grew up in, I decided to close the business in early 2015. I was determined to stay within the confines of the industry I grew to adore, and started with Remodelers Advantage in December of 2015. 

Having been through the peaks and valleys as the owner of a Remodeling company, I felt well equipped as the new Sales Executive at RA to speak the language and help bring new members into the Roundtables Program. 

I have an incredible passion for what we do at Remodelers Advantage, and the many Remodelers that we work with. This passion fueled the move from Sales Executive to the Executive Director of Roundtables in 2021, where I oversee the program as a whole, and work to improve the value and experience of the Roundtables program.

Personal Life

I feel blessed every day to be surrounded by my incredible wife, my two awesome kids (Leo and Serafina), an incredible family and amazing group of friends. 

I enjoy making things, fixing things, I am a die-hard Philadelphia Sports fan, and have a small obsession with vacuums (I currently own 7).

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