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Victoria Downing

President, Remodelers Advantage Inc.

Location: Linthicum, MD
Industry Experience: 30+ years
RAR Facilitator Since: 1994

Victoria Downing

Your business is simply a tool to help you build the life you want. Uncover your dream life and use your business to get there!

Areas of Expertise

Strategic Planning
DISC Personality Assessments
Financial Management

Professional background

 In 1990, I joined Remodelers Advantage after 10 years in marketing, advertising and sales. Using my expertise to help remodeling company owners create lead generation programs was my entre to the industry. 

Soon after, I began sharing in articles for Remodeling magazine and speaking at industry events. In 1991, we launched Remodelers Advantage Roundtables, a peer group for owners of companies producing $1 million or more annually. 

We launched this program at the request of an array of remodelers who had been attending trade shows for years and wanted more. 

Since then, we’ve helped hundreds of remodelers build strong, profitable businesses that allow these motivated pros to build the life they wanted. 

Over the course of years, we have published an array of industry books, hosted dozens of industry events, and taught thousands of owners and key managers how to use best practices to maximize their company’s results.

Personal Life

Travel is a passion so I do quite a bit of it! Biking, golf, and fitness are all interests. I love to be active and social. 

My energy gets a huge boost whenever I’m around our members. Their passion for improvement and learning is stimulating and exciting. I leave our Roundtables meetings with ten pages of notes for our own company!


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