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Doug Howard


Location: Linthicum, MD
Industry Experience: 6 Years
RAR Facilitator Since: 2017

Doug Howard

When you create a focused and comprehensive 5-year plan, and keep it updated, all of the other training, advice, feedback and accountability can be focused on your most important goals.

Areas of Expertise

Strategic Planning & Leadership
Financial & Accounting
Lean Process Improvement
Hiring & Onboarding
Management/Decision Making

Professional background

My background was in small business accounting and consulting for small businesses. I owned my own firm that operated in four states with business of all types. We also did a lot of work with start-up companies helping more that 300 get started from 2003 to 2010.

My real experience in the industry began in 2017 work with Remodelers Advantage as first a contractor and then a member of the team. I have consulted with well over 100 remodeling companies, facilitated Roundtables groups for 5 years, created and presented webinars and seminars on a broad range of remodeling topics and been a speaker at dozens of industry events.

Personal Life

Happily married with 6 kids, 2 stepkids and 3 grandkids. We love to travel, especially to historic locations, love history, reading and visits back to Boston where I grew up and my mom, sister and brother still live.


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