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Pete McDowell

Senior Consultant

Location: Columbus, Ohio
Industry Experience: 15 Years
RAR Facilitator Since: 2023

Pete McDowell

Words of wisdom

If your gut tells you that someone is not a right fit for your company, you are the only one who can fix it. Take action sooner than later.

Areas of Expertise

Financial Profitability
Team Culture
Production & Operations
Succession Planning

Professional background

Pete has been a Certified Business Coach and has owned a coaching practice since 2004, joining with Business Partner Peg Buehrle in 2007. 

He is a coach who is passionate about helping people leverage their strengths to improve business performance. He is a believer in increasing business results by focusing on how we interact and communicate with other people, and is a financial expert. 

His direct professional experience is in manufacturing, but he understands that in any business, as we help others succeed, our business will succeed.

Pete has coached Business Owners throughout the Construction, Remodeling, and Trades industries since 2007 and has worked with remodeling firms from $1 million to $30 million across the country in order to grow their businesses through increased profitability, leadership skills, and team culture.

Personal Life

Pete is a recovering chemical engineer who spent over 20 years managing operations in chemical plants Stauffer Chemical Co. and Occidental Petroleum.

He graduated with a degree in Chemical Engineering from Clarkson University and has an MBA from Capital University. Pete has a home on Apple Valley Lake near Howard, Ohio, and enjoys boating, skiing, and anything involving the outdoors. 

He has three grown children with whom he enjoys traveling the world.


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