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We are excited to announce the three Finalists for the 2023 Remodelers Advantage IMPACT Award!

Baltimore, Maryland –  The distinguished Remodelers Advantage IMPACT Award recognizes the individual who embodies, in spirit and practice, the selfless leadership and unwavering commitment that has made Remodelers Advantage Roundtables the largest, most successful peer group program in the industry.

We have so many amazing members who have made an impact in the lives of their peers, their families and their communities. This years selection process was the toughest ever! But alas, the results are in. 

The 2023 Finalists are:

The winner will be announced at the 2023 Remodelers Summit, being held in the great city of Chicago!


And a Big Congrats to all the Semi-finalists! You are all superstars!

  • Carlos Moreno, Eos
  • Chris Gayler, Orion
  • Jared Thayer, Aquila
  • Jonathan J. Janacek, Atlas
  • Kenny Grono, Krypton
  • Leslie Nicholson, Endeavour
  • Sam Quie, Eos
  • Shawn Bakker, Krypton



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