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Are You Letting Great Prospects Slip By?

Are You Letting Great Prospects Slip By?

We instituted a lead capture system on our website to identify prospects who come to our website via Social Media, Search Engines, or referrals. I strongly recommend this marketing tactic to every remodeling company which has a website – and that should be everyone!

Our lead capture system uses what some marketers call the Law of Reciprocity to work.

The Law of Reciprocity means: to give and take mutually; to return in kind or even in another kind or degree. The law of reciprocity, simply explains that when someone gives you something you feel an obligation to give back — and visa versa.

How does it works for us? How to make it work for you?

Visitors to our website see an offer for a free, value-packed informational report. The title and content of the report was written to specifically appeal the kinds of people who would be strong members of our Remodelers Advantage Community – motivated, improvement-oriented, remodeling company owners.

When interested visitors click on the link to receive the report, we ask them for information on themselves and their company as a condition for downloading. We don’t ask them for much, because asking for too much adds what ecommerce marketers call “friction” which can be a turn off – but enough to tell us if they are a good prospect for our services. Website visitors don’t mind providing this limited information because they are receiving valuable information from us. The Law of Reciprocity in action.

If we find that the visitor is a good prospect, he/she is invited to join our community. Now, we all know that not everyone is ready to buy the first time they contact a company. So if they don’t choose to join immediately, we don’t give up. Instead we nurture this prospect so that, when he or she is ready, we are the first company that comes to mind for strategic business improvement help.

We nurture these prospects with a series of informational, personal emails—each one building on the next as we provide more information on the benefits of membership. Our nurturing program lasts about 18 months.

Let’s translate this to your company.

What do visitors see when they visit your web site? Most web sites have no way to capture information and those that do are often an anemic link to “Sign up for our newsletter.” Boy, that’s exciting! (sarcasm)
Come on, you can do better than that!

Instead, create a 1-3 page special report that will capture their interest and compel them to take action to receive it. Think about what kinds of projects you want to attract. If you want to attract people who value sophisticated design, you might create a report titled Exciting Home Design Trends. To attract homeowners considering a new kitchen, the report might be titled Maximizing Your Kitchen Remodeling Investment. A report on additions might be Five Great Tips for Creating a Fantastic Addition.
Before they are allowed to download, ask them to return the favor by telling you something about themselves. The most essential information is email address so you can reach out to them again. Other information you may want to know: Are they planning a remodeling project and for what time frame? What is their zip code? How did they hear about your company?

Now, reach out to nurture this valuable prospect and make sure they remember you when their ready to take the next step: Hiring a remodeling company.



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