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Are Your Employees Secretly Planning to Quit?

I was reading an interesting report by the temp employee people, Robert Half, when a statistic stopped me. They say that, 45 percent of workers say they plan to change employees, careers, or industry’s when the economy improves. Wow!

If that’s true, our small businesses could really be left in the lurch.   We all know that turnover really takes a toll on productivity, morale, resources, and client satisfaction.  And we also know that the impact  of wonderful employees who have been with you for years, who understands your systems, and who knows how to deliver great service to your clients, is huge! So let’s not just sit back waiting for the shoe to fall! Instead, take action to keep your top employees with you. Here are some tips that Half shares:

Re-recruit your top players

Ask them what they like about their job, what new skills they’d like to acquire and, if they could change anything about their job, what would it be? Afterward, review their answers and take action to show the employee that you were listening and you want them to be happy.

Give them room to grow

To help them develop skills and groom them for new responsibilities, start a cross training program for your best people. Shadow co-workers who’s roles relate. For example, you might allow an ambitious Lead Carpenter to shadow the Production Manager for a few hours a week, allowing the Lead Carpenter to learn about management, delegation, scheduling, and more.

Share your vision and ask for input

Employees want to feel that they impact the future and have a stake in the success of the firm. So let your employees know where you see the company going and involve them in making that vision a reality.

Recognize their efforts

Recognition is one of the most effective tools you have at your disposal — and also one of the most affordable! Create a program to recognize successes, both large and small. In fact, build in the chance for peers to show appreciation for each other.

The moral of the story is, don’t take your employees for granted. There will soon be plenty of new opportunities for talented folks, so take steps now to hold on  to this huge company asset.

If you’re looking for tools to help you improve communication between employees, coach a middling employee into greatness, or hire the best people you can for every position, call Remodelers Advantage today. We offer a complete array of state-of-the-art tools and strategies that will transform your team–leading to increased efficiency, improved employee happiness, and superior bottom line results. 301-490-5620 or click here. We’re ready to help!


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