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Don’t Ask: Recommend!

Don’t Ask: Recommend!

The last blog post I created focused on the need to become a great salesperson if you are really interested in maintaining a successful business. Boy, the hits to the web site were off the charts! So obviously we hit a nerve with that discussion. So, I decided to give you more information on sales and to do this, I”ve asked our Director of Business Development, Ted Dubin, to share a few of his pearls of wisdom from his many years as a sales professional.
“One of the techniques that I recommend to all salespeople is that they need to be able to recommend the best option to their prospects, ” he says. “Too many salespeople will invest tons of time coming up with a great idea, developing an effective plan, working for hours to fit the budget, and then, they’ll turn it all over to the prospect and say ‘What do you think?'”

“Instead, be the professional you are, be confident in the solution you created and say, ‘This is the solution I recommend. . . ‘ and then go on to support your recommendation.”

Ted says, “People like to buy but they don’t like to make decisions by themselves. They look to you to be the leader and to tell them what’s best for them. If you know you have a great product, you’ve done your job and qualified them well, you’ve built the customer’s interest through a series of open-ended questions, then you should feel very confident in what you’ve developed and what you’re recommending.”

He goes on to say, “To feel that confidence. . .

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  1. Qualify the prospect with a series of open-ended questions designed to help the client recognize that they should accept your recommendation.
  2. Be sure that the client can afford the recommendation.
  3.  Be sure that you’ve spent the time needed to really come up with the best solution that truly fits their need.
  4. If you’ve done these things, then be the leader and tell them what they should do and why they should do it. That’ll be the key to also demonstrating why they should do it with you!”



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