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Ty Melton

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In every small business the Owner is most likely the business' greatest asset… and possibly biggest liability. Know yourself, having the humility to understand your gifts and the courage to look at your weakness is critical in maximizing our impact on our employees and our business. The business owners i have met who are most able to get out of the way, consistently have the best results.

Areas of Expertise


Professional background

I started my first company 6 months out of college. That company flamed out in 18 months with a $60,00 loss!

After that my wife and I attend the very first Remodelers Show in 1989, which was a complete game changer for us. We wrote a business plan and began Blackdog as soon as we returned from the conference. 

Initially I wore all the hats and we slowly grew the business while running it from our house. In 1994 we secured financing and moved the company out of our house and into our first showroom. From that point we focused on building a team and incorporating systems and processes into our daily operation. 

When the showroom was finished and we occupied it in 1995 we produced $984,000 in business. Fast forward to today and we have created multiple home related business operating out of two locations with a team of 65 people. 

In 2022 we produced $14,400,000 of revenue.

Personal Life

I have been married to my best friend, Brenda, for 34 years. We have four children and a dog. 

We live in Andover MA and spend a bunch of time at our place on Martha’s Vineyard as well. I have a big extended family and we are all active. 

I love to spend time on the water in the summer, trap and skeet shooting, exercise, furniture making, and real estate investment. 

We are moving toward our dream of long term living abroad sailing on a catamaran.


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