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GroupThink Rules!

GroupThink Rules!

I truly believe in the power of group-think — in other words, that better ideas are generated and stronger solutions formulated when one works with a group of sharp individuals vs. working alone.  I see this time and time again. This week, it was demonstrated in our company when a team of us met to brainstorm about our upcoming Business Summit. Linda Case, Arlene Alfano, our Meeting Planner, Rose Grabowski, Director of Member Services, and I spent several hours talking about all of the little details that make our events unique and memorable — the fun in the event. As you can imagine, we laughed, we groaned, we exclaimed as wilder and wilder ideas were thrown into the ring for consideration. At the end, we’d come up with a line up of little extras that are going to add just the right amount of zaniness and interactivity to this great conference.

The power of group-think is one of the most important concepts around which our Roundtables™ groups are designed. When our members, owners of large-volume remodeling companies, sit together focusing on the challenges of their peers in the room, the ideas, the suggestions, the business management knowledge gained from shared experiences is awesome! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard, “Wow, that was a great idea! It just paid for my entire investment!”

So if you’re facing a challenge, have an important presentation or proposal to create, are stuck on a problem, think about how you can use group-think to help.  You’re probably surrounded by savvy business people who would love to be part of your success. Of course, if you really want to see the best group-think in action, join Roundtables™.



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