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How To Increase Your Referral Leads?

How To Increase Your Referral Leads?

We work with some pretty smart remodelers so when we hear a great idea, we want to share it with you. Here’s one made up of three key points to help you increase the number of referral leads (aka. Solid Gold!) that you receive:

Key Point #1: Timing

Washington, DC, remodeler Jerry Liu, doesn’t just hope the referrals will come. Instead, he takes a proactive approach to significantly increasing the referral leads generated by he and his salespeople. The first key is timing. “We ask for referrals at contract signing because we know that’s when our customers are on an emotional high. They’re excited! From there, it goes down hill until some time after the job’s completed and the memory of the disruption has faded,” says Liu.

Key Point #2: Questioning

The second key is in how they ask. In the script Liu’s created, the salesperson says,

“Mr. & Mrs. Smith, as you know, most of our business comes from referrals. If I were to ask you to refer me to someone who needs remodeling, you’d probably say, “I can’t think of anyone now but will be sure to let you know if I do.”

“We send out a newsletter 2 to 3 times a year to our clients, which you’ll be receiving. It contains tips on home maintenance, the latest remodeling trends, etc. If I were to ask you for names of people . . . friends, family, neighbors, or business associates. . . who might be interested in our newsletter, would you be able to help me?”

By listing the types of people they know, Liu helps the customers identify prospects. And because he’s simply offering to send a free, informative newsletter, the customers feel no pressure to resist. “Plus, by personalizing the request and asking them to help me, they’re usually all too willing,” says Liu.

Key Point #3: Following-Up

The third key is how they follow up. The salesperson calls each prospect and says:

“Mr. ___________, we are remodeling the Smith’s home and they referred me to you. Mrs. Smith told me you might be interested in receiving our newsletter. I realize it might be just another piece of junk mail for you. I don’t suppose there’s a reason you’d want me to send it to you?”

Liu says, “If they indicate that they’d like to receive it because of an upcoming project, we ask for more details. If they would rather not receive it, they are thanked and, you guessed it, asked for other referrals!” This approach is a wonderful tool for instantly increasing quality leads whenever the flow slows down.

I firmly believe that by being proactive, and using a proven system, you can double the number of referrals that you receive – and be well on your way to doubling your business as well!



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